Saturday, February 24

Coronalockdown in Shanghai Lifted on June 1

The lockdown against the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Shanghai will be lifted on June 1. People are then allowed to take to the streets again for no reason and public transport is also restarted.


“The health situation in our city is under control and the situation is getting better,” the city government said in a statement. People still have to wear masks and it is not recommended for them to come together in groups.

Shanghai has been in full lockdown since April 1 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In March, it was originally intended to put two halves of the city on a lockdown for a week, but that eventually became a measure for the entire city. The corona rules were very strict. People were not allowed to leave their homes, which led to food shortages for many residents of the city.

After a few weeks, the rules were relaxed and the strictest rules only applied to neighbourhoods where infections had been detected. In places where no infections had been detected in two weeks, residents were allowed to leave their homes under certain conditions.

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