Monday, February 26

Contaminated President Brazil Blocks Corona Aid for Native Americans

Corona-infected Brazilian President Bolsonaro has streaked a first corona aid for Native Americans and black Brazilians.


It was his first official act after his infection became known.

Bolsonaro blocked a law that had guaranteed access to drinking water, disinfectants and medical care to the native inhabitants and Brazilians of African origin.

These are two disadvantaged sections of the population, many of whom live in poverty.

Observers note that the corona diagnosis at Bolsonaro has not led to a change of course.

The president has always been very concise about the corona pandemic, although his country has been hardest hit except the United States. More than 1.6 million people were infected, more than 66,000 died.

“Life goes on,” said the president, who compared the coronavirus to the mild flu and opposed curfews and other restrictive measures.

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