Tuesday, February 27

Congo Announces Second Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Ever

In Eastern Congo, the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in the country’s history has officially come to an end.


This was reported by a coordinator of the “Ebola response team”. 2,280 people have been killed by the disease, which has raged in the region for nearly two years.

But the country faces other massive health challenges, including a recent Ebola outbreak in the north.

The fight against Ebola in the east of the country was complicated by widespread suspicion of aid workers and the new vaccine.

For example, treatment centres for Ebola were attacked and burned to the ground. The insecurity of the region also made the fight against the disease more difficult.

In Eastern Congo, rebel groups are constantly attacking villages, killing, looting and raping.

Initially, the World Health Organization wanted to declare East Congo Ebola-free in April, but an infected person was discovered at the time.

The 42-day period required for an area to be declared Ebola-free had to resume.

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