Wednesday, February 21

Christchurch Attack: The Football Team’s Goalkeeper also Martyred

Christchurch Attack: The Football Team’s Goalkeeper also Martyred. Atta Elayyan was the Goalkeeper of the New Zealand national squad team who had played 19 international matches while he was also the coach of the local school’s squash team.


The martyr footballers were also connected to the Mainland Club, as the best player of the year’s New Zealand squad team in 2014.

The footballer, who was killed in the terrorist incident, had a relative relationship with Palestinians but was born by parents’ parents.

Atta Elayyan was also running software companies these days, and their backgrounds included a wife and a young daughter.

Footballer’s colleagues honoured his partner with the flowers on the occasion of solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack.

Shaheed Atta Elayyan’s fellow footballers could not confess them and remember them, and they kept crying.

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