Saturday, February 24

Chinese leader Xi Jinping Visits the Hospital of Coronavirus Patients

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has visited a hospital in Beijing where patients are treated with the new coronavirus.


The president has remained mainly in the background lately as the virus spread, but appeared in the open on Monday and had his temperature measured, among other things.

State media reports that Xi, who was wearing a protective mouth mask, met doctors at Ditan Hospital in the Chinese capital.

There he observed the treatment of patients and talked via video connection with medical staff in Wuhan, the metropolis where the virus first appeared. The president also visited a residential area in Beijing.

Xi previously called the virus a “demon” that must be fought. He gave Prime Minister Li Keqiang the leadership of a working group to contain the outbreak. Li, who had a prominent role in this, also visited Wuhan last month.

The Chinese government has taken drastic measures to halt the spread of the virus. Some places turned into ghost towns. More than 40,000 people have now contracted the virus.

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