Thursday, February 22

Chinese Armed Forces in An Increased State of Preparedness to Corona

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the armed forces are increasing the state of preparedness, Chinese state television reports.


The armed forces must be ready to fight now that the corona pandemic has far-reaching implications for state security, Xi said.

The British news agency Reuters, which reports Xi’s statements, does not yet provide details of the state security risks Xi was referring.

Friday after the opening of the annual People’s Congress of parliament, it was announced that China wants to introduce a security law to get a grip on anti-Chinese demonstrations in semi-autonomous Hong Kong.

Tensions between the United States and China have been mounting ever since.

According to the president, the Chinese response to the outbreak of the new coronavirus has shown that recent military reforms have been successful.

According to the president, new ways to train the troops during the pandemic should be explored.

The president, who is also chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, made the statements at a meeting parallel to the annual People’s Congress. Delegations from the army and military police were present.

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