Thursday, February 22

China Arms Itself With New Law Against Western Sanctions

The Chinese parliament has approved a new law to arm the country against Western sanctions. The law provides the government with a legal framework to take countermeasures.


There is a new report from Amnesty International on torture of the Uyghur minority in China, the reason for many Western sanctions.

China announced the initiative earlier, including after the United States expanded its blacklist with Chinese companies last week. Americans are no longer allowed to invest in those Chinese companies. China then responded that it would protect its companies.

The new law provides the Chinese government with a legal framework to take countermeasures if Western countries introduce new sanctions against Chinese citizens or companies. For example, the property of people or companies that impose sanctions against China can be sealed, seized and frozen.

The European Union has already reacted with concern to the new law. It is feared that this could put European companies in China in an even more difficult situation. Companies that follow US sanctions risk Chinese retaliation and vice versa. The EU is also concerned about the speed with which the law has been passed and the lack of transparency about it.

The trade war between the United States and China and the mutual sanctions are not new, but the new law shows that relations with the West are extremely tense. That tense relationship with China will also be discussed at the G7 summit today and in the coming days. US President Joe Biden wants to unite the world’s democratic countries against China.

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