Saturday, February 24

Brits Promise Help With Investigation into Texas Synagogue Attack

The British government has promised to help investigate the kidnapping of four people at a Texas synagogue. A spokesman for PM Boris Johnson called it “a terrible anti-Semitic act of terrorism”.


In Texas, the perpetrator shot and killed by police was a 44-year-old British citizen of Pakistani descent, Malik Faisal Akram. Police arrested two teenagers in Manchester, England, on Sunday evening in connection with the Colleyville hostage situation on Saturday. English media report that a special counter-terrorism unit of the police has arrested the two.

Akram’s family, who was shot dead after releasing his hostages unharmed, questioned how he ended up in Texas in British media. He had a long criminal record and mental health problems and, according to the family, he should normally not travel to the US. But he would have flown to New York two weeks ago and stayed in homeless centres in the US. Instead, he bought a firearm on the street, President Joe Biden said last weekend, speaking of an act of terrorism.

The FBI has sent investigators to England. This federal investigation initially assumed that the perpetrator acted alone. However, an FBI spokesman previously said that “he thought Akram was only after one thing and that it had nothing to do with Jews.” Akram demanded the release of a Pakistani, Aafia Siddiqui, who was imprisoned in Fort Worth during the synagogue hostage situation. According to the latest reports, he called her “sister” but the two are not related.

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