Tuesday, February 20

Britons Await Biggest Vaccination Campaign in History

The United Kingdom is gearing up for the country’s “biggest vaccination campaign in history” following the approval of the corona vaccine.


That said CEO Simon Stevens of the English branch of the NHS health service. He emphasized, according to the BBC, that his organization has a good reputation for massive vaccination campaigns.

Stevens spoke of an essential step in the fight against the virus, saying people across the country should be vaccinated in the coming months. In the United Kingdom, regional authorities in Wales and Scotland, among others, are themselves responsible for their health policy.

How many vaccines are allocated to the regions depends on the number of inhabitants, according to British media.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said there are multiple ways to vaccinate people, according to the BBC. This can happen, for example, at specially set up vaccination centres and in hospitals. The minister also sees a role for general practitioners and pharmacists.

It is difficult for them that the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has to be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees.

Hancock says other vaccines ordered by the UK, such as those from AstraZeneca, are more suitable for GPs to administer. They do not need to be stored at such low temperatures.

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