Wednesday, February 28

British Unemployment At Lowest Level Since 1975

British Unemployment at Lowest level Since 1975, strong wage Growth. Unemployment in the United Kingdom has fallen to the lowest level since 1975.


Wage developments also remained strong in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to Tuesday figures from the British statistics agency ONS.

Unemployment came to 4 percent of the labour force, and employment grew strongly.

Wages also rose by 3.4 percent, thanks to the increasing shortage of the labour market,

 which does not seem to endure from the approaching Brexit.

The British economy cooled down, as it turned out earlier this month.

Growth slowed to 0.2 percent quarterly, examined with 0.6 percent in the previous quarter.

Because of the uncertainty about Brexit, companies invest less in equipment, So they need more staff.

One hundred sixty-seven thousand people were working in the fourth quarter.

Car manufacturer Honda has announced it will delete thousands of British jobs.

In 2021 the group closes the factory in the English city of Swindon.

The European headquarters will remain in the United Kingdom.

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo refused; incidentally, that job losses are related to the Brexit.

Two weeks ago, Nissan already announced that plans to produce the Nissan X-Train Sport in the United Kingdom were withdrawn.

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