Saturday, February 24

British Security Services: Russia Has Stolen Vaccine

Russia has stolen the AstraZeneca vaccine blueprint to provide its own Sputnik V vaccine. That’s what British security services claim. “We are facing threats that are more sophisticated than ever before,” said the interior minister.

According to sources within the British government, several ministers have said that spies working for the Kremlin have stolen the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine blueprint. With that blueprint, they could have created their own designs for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. “Clearly, the blueprint and vital information were stolen by a foreign agent,” writes The Sun. The claims come a few months after President Vladimir Putin received his shot off the Sputnik vaccine.

Last year, spies pointed the finger at the Russian president. Then, they said they were “more than 95 percent” sure that Russian state-controlled hackers had targeted various British, US and Canadian agencies developing a vaccine.

“We live in a world where state activities involve industrial espionage and economic espionage,” said British Home Secretary Damian Hinds. “We are facing threats that are more sophisticated than ever before. There are constantly foreign states that want to get their hands on sensitive information.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not yet commented on the allegations.

Clinical studies show that Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine is comparable to Oxford/AstraZeneca’s, so it was also found to be safe and effective. In addition, the Russian scientists behind the studies said the shot stimulated an immune response in all inoculated participants and caused no serious health problems.

Independent Western scientists said they found the results “reassuring” but at the same time warned that the trials were too small to justify injecting millions of Russians. Only 76 people are said to have been involved in the investigation. In addition, the volunteers were all healthy and mostly between 20 and 30 years old.

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