Tuesday, February 27

British Pop Stars Warn of the Future Music Industry

Some 1,500 British pop music groups and stars including The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran are deeply concerned about the future of the live music industry.


The famous British scene threatens to perish due to the corona crisis, the top artists fear. They want to see action from the British government.

The signatories to the joint letter – which also includes Coldplay, Eric Clapton, Sam Smith, Rod Stewart, Liam Gallagher, Iron Maiden and Dua Lipa – emphasize to Secretary of Culture Oliver Dowden that the UK’s pop music industry accounts for around 4, £ 5 billion and 210,000 jobs.

“It has been one of the UK’s greatest social, cultural and economic achievements in the past decade,” said the musicians.

“With no end of distance rules in sight and no financial support from the government, the future of concerts, festivals, and the hundreds of thousands of people working in the industry are looking bad.”

According to the signatories, government support is crucial to prevent a wave of bankruptcies in the internationally leading British pop scene.

The artists want clear planning for reopening pop venues without distance rules and government support in the form of a paid leave plan for employees.

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher: “Great performances are not without great teams behind the scenes. They will all be out of work unless we can start doing what we love.”

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