Wednesday, February 28

British Nurse Suspected of Murdering Eight Babies

A British nurse is suspected of murdering eight newborn babies and attempted murder of six more babies in a British hospital in Chester. The woman has been arrested this morning, reports BBCand Right News.


The Countess of Chester hospital called in the police in May last year after an abnormally high number of deaths were recorded on the neonatology service.

Since then there has been a study into the deaths of a total of seventeen newborn babies in the hospital between March 2015 and July 2016. Besides, fifteen “non-fatal failures” were also investigated: possible attempts at murder that failed.

The caretaker arrested is suspected of fourteen of the cases, eight murders and six murder attempts.

The police call the arrest “an important step forward”, but let it be known that they can not reveal any further information for the time being.

The hospital says in a written statement that they provide all the support to the police. “Enlisting the help of the police is not something that we do just like that, but we must do everything we can to understand what happened and to get the answers the families and we desperately want.”

The neonatology department was closed in July 2016 but has since been reopened. According to BBC, the hospital provides about four hundred babies a year.

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