Wednesday, February 21

British Minister Does Not Rule Out Closed Schools Because of Corona

British health minister Sajid Javid does not rule out the possibility that schools in England will close again because of the corona. However, he has stated to radio station LBC that he does not want to take this measure but that there are “no guarantees” in the fight against the pandemic.


The government has repeatedly said that keeping schools open is a priority. In practice, that means stricter restrictions in other areas so that children are less affected by the pandemic. However, now that the number of infections is rising again and more and more Omikron cases are being identified, the government is taking new measures.

Javid says he is now mainly focusing on the booster program. “The vaccine is incredibly effective with a booster shot,” explains the minister. As a result, the authorities will offer the boosters to all residents of the United Kingdom at an accelerated pace.

In the United Kingdom, more than 81 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Almost half of this group has had an additional shot at maintaining their protection against Covid-19. The British started putting the boosters in mid-September, initially only for high-risk groups.

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