Wednesday, February 21

Britain asks Russia to Extradite Suspects in Nerve Gas Attack

Britain asks Russia to Extradite Suspects in Nerve Gas Attack. Britain is ready to ask Russia to hand over two men suspected of carrying out a nerve gas attack on a previous Russian spy in the English city of Salisbury.


The Guardian newspaper quoted government and security sources as saying on Monday. Prosecutors have completed the extradition request and are ready to file it, the newspaper said.

Sergey, a former Russian military intelligence colonel, was found to have revealed the secrets of dozens of agents to British intelligence, and his daughter Yulia lost consciousness of a public seat in Salisbury in early March.

Britain blamed Russia for the poisoning of Scrapple and his daughter and said the poison used was Nuvichuk, a deadly nerve gas developed by the Soviet army in the 1970s and 1980s. Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack.

Russia is likely to reject the extradition request and risk inflaming diplomatic tensions between London and Moscow, whose relations have reached their lowest levels since the Cold War.

The Russian constitution prohibits the extradition of Russian citizens to other countries, and officials refused to hand over men wanted for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko using radioactive isotopes in 2006

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