Wednesday, February 28

Breather for Firefighters in Greece

After more than a week of feverishly extinguishing countless fires, the situation in Greece has improved somewhat. Because the wind has died down a bit, the fire was fanned less, and no new fires broke out. But, unfortunately, a new heatwave is on the way.


It is still smouldering in the north of Athens, and emergency services are trying to get small fires under control. In the Peloponnese, the large fires can be kept under control, but the fear is that as soon as the wind picks up, many areas will be threatened again.

Hundreds of firefighters are still battling devastating wildfires on the island of Evia. On the northern part of the island, so much forest has burned down that the fire is slowly extinguishing. However, on the island’s west coast, fire fighting helicopters are deployed against a large sea of flames.

Aid from other EU countries now consists of nine planes, a thousand firefighters and two hundred vehicles. France, Germany, Poland and Austria, among others, have sent additional equipment.

EU countries are also coming to the rescue in North Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and Italy. Evidence of deliberate arson was found in the latter country after the evacuation of hundreds of people in Campomarino Lido on the Adriatic coast. In Sicily, police have caught an arsonist in the act.

The situation in Turkey’s coastal areas affected by forest fires has improved. The fires in the region are largely under control. The current fires have destroyed an estimated 1,500 square kilometres of land. However, due to the persistent heat and drought, the fire risk has not yet passed.

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