Saturday, February 24

Brazilian President sends Army to Stop Roadblocks

The Brazilian president Michel Temer has given the army permission to lift the blockades of the highways by striking truck drivers. The truckers have been laying down vital sectors of the economy for days. The drivers are angry about the high diesel prices, said by Town News.


In Sao Paulo, the state of emergency has been declared due to fuel shortage, because it can not be delivered. Factories are also stationary, and public transport is running less. Supermarkets are starting to empty in several large cities.

On images, you can see how truck drivers barbeque on the road. On trucks, there are banners with texts like: “Stop stealing or else we will shut down the country.”

President Temer now lets soldiers clear the through routes. “We will not leave the people without their basic needs,” said Temer.

The strike was promulgated by the Brazilian truckers’ association Abcam, which represents 600,000 truckers. They demand that the tax on diesel be reduced. The diesel price has risen sharply in the past year.

Meanwhile, the government has pledged to subsidise diesel and stabilise prices. Then Abcam called on his members to lift the blockades. For the time being, no answer has been given.

Dutch fruit importers speak of a drama. “This will have far-reaching consequences next week because hardly any transport is possible from and to the ports,” says the newsgroup AGF of the fruit and vegetable sector.

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