Monday, February 26

Boris Johnson: We will Not Extend the Transition Period after Brexit

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson retains the present transitional period which he agreed using the European Union in his Brexit package. The British will depart the EU on 31 January next season.


The move period included in the package operates until December 2020.

The period may then be extended by another two years. This means that if the British House of Commons approves the offer, the EU rules will still affect the British until at least the conclusion of 2020.

Nevertheless, they may be will no longer permitted to participate in EU choices after January 31.

“The us government is not going to expand the transition period,” mentioned Johnson spokesman today. “The perfect minister thinks you will have a great deal with the European Union at the end of 2020.”

He emphasised that every alternatives must be taken into account, together with a departure from your EU without a offer.

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