Monday, February 26

Boris Johnson: More Optimistic About Reaching An Agreement Than Barnier

Boris Johnson is more optimistic about reaching a trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union than EU chief negotiator Michael Barnier.


That said the British Prime Minister on Friday on the LBC radio station. Barnier said earlier this week that there were “serious” disagreements in the negotiations.

Negotiators met physically in Brussels this week with a limited number of advisors for the first time since March, after previous rounds of video negotiation had yielded no tangible results.

Talks will continue in London next week. Negotiations will remain in the following weeks.

The British stepped out of the EU on 1 February, but are bound by EU rules until the end of this year. Serious economic damage is foreseen in the absence of an agreement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Wednesday, the day Germany took on the rotating EU presidency, that the EU must prepare for negotiations to fail.

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