Wednesday, February 28

Black American Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta Died from Two Gunshot Wounds

Black American Rayshard Brooks, who was shot and killed by an agent at an Atlanta fast-food restaurant on Friday, has died from two gunshot wounds to his back.


The bullets damaged organs and caused significant blood loss. This is evident from the autopsy report released by medical researchers on Sunday and about which various local American media reports.

The Fulton County Prosecutor’s Office says the autopsy will be part of the investigation and hopes to make a decision in the mid-next week on possible charges against the agents involved.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, two more witnesses have to be heard, and it is still waiting for the results of other investigations.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigned after the shooting. The agent suspected of shooting Brooks was fired, and the other police officer involved in the incident was given administrative leave.

The incident led to demonstrations in Atlanta on Saturday. They got out of hand at the end of the evening when a group of activists set the fast-food restaurant on fire.

The police are looking for the perpetrators and have published photos of a masked, presumably white, woman who may be involved in the arson attack. A reward of $ 10,000 has been promised.

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