Wednesday, February 28

Bitcoin is Approaching its Highest Level Ever

The digital currency bitcoin is close to its highest level ever. The crypto coin was briefly traded for more than $ 19,000 on Tuesday, and that had not happened for three years.


At its highest point in late 2017, a bitcoin was worth just under $ 20,000.

This year, the value of a bitcoin rose by about 160 percent. In November alone, the currency became about 40 percent more expensive.

The expectation that the digital currency will become more widely accepted was previously fueled by payment company PayPal, among others, embracing various crypto coins, including bitcoin.

Also, support measures from governments and central banks mean that so much money is available that more and more money is being invested in riskier investments.

Finally, there is a group of people who expect bitcoin, like gold, to be a good investment because it is not susceptible to things like inflation.

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