Bishops Italy Also Want to Miss Lockdown for Easing

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Italian bishops find it incomprehensible that Italians cannot go to Mass even after the lockdown has been relaxed. The government is also discussing this decision.


Believing Italians have been unable to attend Mass since the beginning of March.

The country was primarily locked at the time because the government took far-reaching measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Most companies also had to close.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that the measures will be phased out in the coming weeks. For example, from May 18, Italians may return to libraries and museums.

Conte, however, did not say a word about missing, to the chagrin of the bishops. The Italian Episcopal Conference complains in a letter to the government that “freedom of religion is being compromised”.

The Catholic clergy receive support from some politicians.

“So it’s safe for us to go to a museum, but we can’t go to a religious gathering?” Tweeted Minister Elena Bonetti (Equal Opportunities and Families). She spoke of an “incomprehensible” decision.

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