Saturday, February 24

Biden Will Take Action Against Ghost Guns

US President Joe Biden announced on Thursday his next steps to tackle gun violence in his country. The plans will mainly focus on reducing the number of ‘ghost guns’.


The recent series of shootings is the direct reason for the stricter legislation that Biden wants to introduce by decree.

The US Department of Justice will come up with rules within 30 days to limit the growth in the number of untraceable, homemade ghost rifles. It is not yet clear what those rules will look like in detail. Within two months, the ministry will develop rules that will ensure that objects that can be used to make pistols even more dangerous firearms will fall under the weapons law.

States must also start working on preventive legislation, for which the federal government will provide a blueprint. The Ministry of Justice will also investigate the illegal arms trade. Preventive legislation should empower courts and police to take weapons from people perceived to be a danger to the community.

Gun laws are a susceptible topic in the United States, where the right to own a firearm is included in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The Biden administration has been working on legislation plans to reduce firearms violence in recent months without provoking a lawsuit that could lead to the reversed legislation.

Recent deadly shootings in Georgia and Colorado have increased Biden’s pressure to take action against increasing gun violence in the United States.

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