Wednesday, February 28

Biden Launches Winter Offensive Against Coronavirus

US President Joe Biden is introducing a package of measures to combat the coronavirus this winter. This has consequences for international travellers, among others.


They will soon have to be tested less than 24 hours before their departure to the United States, regardless of their nationality or vaccination status.

The White House released a summary of measures on Thursday. For example, US states struggling with staff shortages in healthcare can call on special teams of experts. They are then sent on their way by the national government. In addition, there must be hundreds of new locations where families can get vaccinated.

Biden will call on employers to give employees paid leave if they want to get a booster vaccine. The president also wants to arrange for 150 million Americans to be reimbursed for rapid tests through their insurers. For other Americans, rapid tests are provided by local health centres, the White House said.

Americans who want to test themselves at home often encountered problems in the past. According to American media, rapid tests are often difficult to obtain and much more expensive than in some European countries. There are voices among experts to make the rapid tests dirt cheap through subsidies. Then citizens do not always have to request money back from insurers.

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