Wednesday, February 28

Beware of Virus via Facebook Messenger

Beware of Virus via Facebook Messenger. Messenger users beware! A virus has been around for a while now on Messenger’s messaging application, reports Forbes News.


Users receive a link with two surprised emoticons and their name behind them. Who clicks on the link runs the risk of being hacked.

At first glance, it looks innocent. You receive the link from someone from your contact list.

The message has been around since the end of last year on Messenger, but it still rains on Facebook complaints from people who click on the link and then get a virus on their PC or smartphone.

Have you also become a victim? Then open your browser and check if plugins have been installed that you do not recognise.

If this is the case, remove these plugins immediately. Also, change your password on Facebook and the message with the link.

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