Tuesday, February 27

Bern Looks At Possible Death Following Pfizer Vaccine

Switzerland is investigating the death of an older man in Lucerne just days after he was vaccinated against the feared coronavirus.


According to a spokeswoman for the cantonal health service in Lucerne, the case has surfaced in media and the Swiss institute dealing with the authorization of vaccinations has been informed. No further statements have been made.

That institute has approved the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine this month. In doing so, it realized that side effects could be the same as with flu shots.

The older man lived in a nursing home in the accumulation of the city of Lucerne, according to local media, and was generally physically healthy. He was demented and could not take flu shots. He was vaccinated on Christmas Eve without consulting his doctor, who knew the man could not tolerate flu shots.

The man died five days later after complaining of pains from December 26, and his blood pressure dropped. No causal link has yet been established between the death and the vaccine, but it is already causing Lucerne’s political turmoil.

In Lucerne, the vaccination of people in care homes started last week. Administrators in the canton were very pleased with the quick start of the vaccination campaign.

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