Thursday, February 22

Belgium Wants to be Stricter for Travellers After the India Variant Outbreak

Belgium wants to tighten the rules for travellers coming from high-risk areas such as the Netherlands. The seven-day quarantine they have to serve must become stricter.


For example, the federal government wants to prevent the Indian variant of the coronavirus or other dangerous mutants that have come along from being spread.

At the moment, people in quarantine are still allowed to leave the house for essential shopping or a visit to the pharmacy or doctor. But Minister Annelies Verlinden (Home Affairs) would instead get rid of that, she said on the Belgian news channel Radio 1.

Verlinden is catching on to an outbreak of the Indian corona variant in Belgium. Twenty nursing students from India were found to be infected upon arrival in Belgium. According to experts, they seem to have been little among people so far and not to have passed on the virus variant, but the shock is there. The Indian mutant is possibly more contagious than the varieties known in Europe for some time.

Belgium should therefore also check whether the network does not have too many loopholes for travellers from outside the EU, says Verlinden. There is an entry ban, but there are exceptions for students, for example. Virtually all of Europe and large parts of the rest of the world are classified as high-risk areas.

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