Saturday, February 24

Belgium Holds AstraZeneca Vaccines for Up to Two Weeks

Belgium keeps the corona vaccines from AstraZeneca it receives on the shelf for up to two weeks.


Due to the vaccine manufacturer’s unpredictability, the Belgian authorities dare not invite people until the vaccines are in and time is lost.

Belgium previously decided to distribute and use vaccines as quickly as possible.

Because AstraZeneca has reported setback after setback in recent weeks, according to the European Commission, it is also not clear about the planning and how the company intends to realize it. Belgium has come back from that.

“We have built-in a certain caution,” says project leader of the vaccination campaign Dirk Ramaekers on the Belgian news channel Radio 1.

The European Union countries have only administered a fifth of the vaccines received from AstraZeneca, the British newspaper The Guardian wrote on Thursday. The newspaper connects with the wrong image of the vaccine, about which even French President Macron initially cast doubt.

At first, it seemed to work less well than other approved vaccines. Some countries do not use it in the elderly because it has not been proven to benefit them. However, it now seems to be satisfactory.

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