Wednesday, February 28

Belgium Continues to Be Locked Again and Takes Easter Break

Belgium will continue to be locked up again now that the number of hospital admissions in particular and infections with the coronavirus continues to rise.


The non-essential stores may only open by appointment, and the vast stores for a maximum of fifty people at a time. The contact professions such as hairdressers have to close again for the time being for four weeks.

Primary and secondary education will go on Easter holidays a week earlier, starting Monday, the Consultation Committee of the six governments has decided after an emergency meeting.

According to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, a “short period of pain, an Easter break” has been chosen in the hope of reducing the flare-up.

Closure of schools was a hot topic. But with the Easter holidays approaching, it was decided to take advantage of those days off and suspend the lessons from Monday and not from Good Friday next week. The kindergarten classes will remain open for those four days.

The number of people with whom Belgians are allowed to meet outside their families in the open air will be reduced from ten to four people.

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