Saturday, February 24

Belgian Wind Farm Eneco Gets A Green Light From Europe

Belgian Wind farm Eneco gets a Green Light from Europe. The European Commission approves the intended cooperation in two offshore wind farms in the Belgian North Sea of the Dutch energy supplier Eneco, the Belgian energy group Otary and Electrabel of the French Engine.


The new joint venture for the projects with the names Seastar and Mermaid does not pose any problems with EU competition law, according to Brussels, reports Press Cube.

The Belgian company Otary is active in the development, construction and management of wind projects at sea. Until now, the wind farm project was in the hands of Otary and Electrabel.

Mermaid and Seastar are two of the last offshore wind farms that will be built in the zone that the government has allocated for the Belgian coast.

Seastar and Mermaid together count 58 wind turbines, and from the end of 2020, they would have to produce enough green electricity to provide electricity to 485,000 families annually.

According to the Greater, Eneco is increasingly focusing on the production and supply of sustainable electricity via solar and wind farms. In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, Eneco is also active in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

The company has 2.1 million customers in the home market. In the other countries, it is not about direct energy supply, but the company has wind farms and solar parks, among other things.

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