Saturday, February 24

Beijing No Longer Wants People with Incorrect Opinions in the Picture

Broadcasters and internet platforms in China are no longer allowed to portray actors, artists or guests who “take incorrect political positions” and who “doubt at heart and in deeds the (Communist) party and the country”.


President Xi Jinping has ordered television and radio regulators (NRTA) to clean up and purge the entertainment industry vigorously, state media reported Friday.

The president also wants the sector to be cleaned up to end the skyrocketing wages and culture of celebrities and their fans. The media must rigorously select who comes into the limelight, prioritizing “political literacy, morality, artistic aptitude and social equanimity”. According to the Publicity Department of the (ruling) Communist Party, there are bad developments in the industry, and they must be stopped.

This week, the NRTA had already railed against talent shows and reality shows. Even though viewers are allowed to vote for the hundreds of prevalent participants in China, the authorities see this degradation. Broadcasters have been ordered to stop broadcasting “entertainment programs that have no added value”. Men should also be portrayed as more masculine on television. “Vulgar influencers” and artists with no moral sense should be banned from the screen.

The entertainment industry has not yet responded unambiguously to the threatening language in Beijing on the stock exchange. For example, the value of the shares of the company Mango Excellent Media Co.’s shares suddenly fell 5.3 percent. Still, media giant Huayi Brothers Media Corp. saw its shares in Hong Kong appreciate 3.4 percent. Shares of Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd also rose. 2.4 percent in value.

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