Tuesday, February 20

ASML Is Proved Right By The American Judge

ASML is Proved right by the American Judge in corporate Espionage Case. Dutch chip maker ASML announced on Saturday that it had won the lawsuit against American software developer XTAL for the theft of intellectual property.


The court in Santa Clara County ruled that ASML should obtain an amount of 845 million dollars from XTAL.

However, the American company is bankrupt and cannot pay the millions.

The Eindhoven company, therefore, agreed with the software company.

As a result, ASML becomes the owner of a substantial part of the remaining intellectual property of the San José company.

The decision is the same as the verdict of the jury at the end of November.

The espionage came to light for the first time in 2014.

Two former employees from China tried to compete with their former employer through stolen trade secrets.

The Dutch chip giant discovered corporate espionage when it lost a large customer,

 while XTAL came on the market with new advanced technology.

ASML decided to take the American chip producer to court in 2016.

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