Wednesday, February 28

Arizona Still Exciting, Trump Catching Up

The election campaign in the US state of Arizona (11 electors) becomes more exciting as more votes are counted. There, Republican Donald Trump is approaching his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.


Trump is at 48.1 percent of the vote and Biden at 50.5 percent, according to the latest information from Reuters news agency. A few hours ago this was 47.9 percent and 50.7 percent respectively. 86 percent of the votes have now been counted in Arizona.

The American news channel Fox News, among others, has predicted that Biden will win the elections in Arizona, but other media do not dare to do so.

Joe Biden is currently on 264 electors according to some media and 253 electors according to others, including news channel CNN. Trump is at 213 (CNN) or 214 (Fox News) electoral votes, according to various predictions.

Trump supporters demonstrated local time in Arizona Wednesday evening, including in front of the Maricopa County Election Office in Phoenix. The protesters were upset over an unfounded story that votes for the president would not be counted on purpose.

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