Saturday, February 24

Apple Wants to Maintain A Spurt in Sales with New iPads

Apple is reportedly working on a new iPad Pro that can charge wirelessly. The tech group would also like to come back with a new version of the iPad Mini after a long time.


The latter is expected to be on the market this year; the device that can charge without a cord would be released next year. In this way, Apple would try to maintain the strong spurt in sales of its iPads after the corona pandemic.

The Bloomberg news agency has heard of this from insiders. The iPad again became an essential part of Apple’s range last year. Due to the virus outbreak, many people were looking for new ways to work from home, study and relax easily.

The iPad fitted in well with that, as its sales shot up about 43 percent in the first half of last year compared to a year earlier.

It is now 2021, but Apple is still doing good business. In the first three months of the year, year-on-year turnover was again much higher, and net profit more than doubled, it was announced in April.

Strong iPhone sales, in particular, contributed to this. Sales of Mac computers also rose sharply, by 70 percent. Working from home continued to sell many more computers.

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