Thursday, February 22

Apple Blocks Controversial IPhone Hacking Method With iOS 12

Apple Blocks controversial iPhone hacking Method with iOS 12. Apple has blocked the hacking device GrayKey, with which previously iPhones could be hacked. In particular, the GrayKey key would be used by intelligence services.


According to the report, the GrayKey device no longer works with iPads and iPhones running on iOS 12.

With older versions of the operating system, the box would be able to avoid security on iOS devices.

It is not apparent what Apple has done to exclude GrayKey.

Police and intelligence services reportedly use the key in the United States.

GrayKey was in the news for the first time in March this year. The American start-up Grayshift makes the key.

A four-digit PIN code could be cracked within 6,5 minutes with the device.

For a six-digit PIN code, cracking can take up to eleven hours.

The previous solution would have been circumvented
In a version of iOS 11.4.1, Apple added a feature called “USB accessories.”

It indicates that accessories can only connect to the iPhones if the device was unlocked less than an hour ago.

This change would have to stop GrayKey in many cases, but Grayshift said he quickly bypassed the new mode.

It is not known how the company could get around the restriction.

The start-up may also pass the security in iOS 12 in the future.

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