Tuesday, February 20

Apple and Samsung Bury the Battle: Settlement After 7 Years

Apple and Samsung Bury the Battle: Settlement After 7 Years. Apple and Samsung have settled after years of struggle. What the two companies agreed has not been announced.


The settlement plants an end to a legal battle that has been going on for seven years. According to Apple, Samsung had copied specific features of the iPhone and operating system iOS. The company then stepped to court in 2011.

Several rulings preceded the settlement, the majority of which fell in favour of Apple. In a recent lawsuit last month, the jury ruled that Samsung had to pay the US company $ 539 million.

According to the EYE News, Apple has not yet responded to the settlement, but the American The Verge referred to an earlier statement about the case in May: “This case is about more than just money.

Apple started the smartphone revolution with the iPhone and Samsung blatantly copied our design. It is essential that we maintain to protect the hard work and innovation of all people at Apple.

We thank the jury for his services and are glad that they too think that Samsung has to pay for the copying of our products. “Samsung has not yet commented.

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