Tuesday, February 20

‘Amazon Wants To Open Dozens Of Stores In The United States’

‘Amazon Wants to open Dozens of stores in the United States’. Web store giant Amazon is planning to open dozens of physical stores in the United States.


In doing so, it wants to strengthen its position in the food sector, according to the reports.

In the first instance, Amazon is targeting a store in Los Angeles.

It has to open its doors at the end of this year.

In the meantime, lease contracts have already been signed for at least two other locations.

The stores will be different from the Whole Foods stores that have been part of the Amazon estate since 2017.

Amazon is focusing more and more on the supermarket industry and is,

 therefore, a competitor to Ahold Delhaize.

The Dutch-Belgian group obtains more than half of its turnover from the US. Amazon avoided commenting.

Previously, there were already reports that Amazon wanted to increase the number of branches of the supermarket chain Whole Foods.

That step would also mean that more people will soon be able to use Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service.

Microsoft also focuses on the supermarket sector
Tech giant, Amazon is not the only that empathically falls into the supermarket sector.

Recently it was declared that software company Microsoft has set up two test shops.

The tech group did this together with Kroger, one of the largest American supermarket chains.

The bundling of forces from Kroger and Microsoft is a response to the expanding influence of Amazon.

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