Monday, February 26

Amazon Wants to Hire Tens of Thousands of Employees

Amazon wants to hire an additional 75,000 employees to cope with the high corona pressure in North America.


The web store giant is currently unable to meet the demand of Americans hoarding food and cleaning supplies because of the virus outbreak.

Amazon already opened 100,000 vacancies in March, but they have now all been filled.

That the need is high, is evident from restrictions already set by Amazon for online shopping. New US customers who wish to receive groceries are placed on waiting lists.

Some Amazon-Whole Foods supermarkets are also going to shorten their opening hours. This will give staff more time to prepare online groceries from existing Amazon customers.

Many Americans shopping at Amazon are now unable to place orders because all available delivery times are busy. Amazon says it has expanded its online order capacity by 60 percent since the outbreak began.

In addition, Whole Foods supermarkets are now delivering groceries to over 150 locations in the United States from 80 locations previously.

Amazon entered the food market in 2017 with the acquisition of Whole Foods. The group now has almost 490 stores of that supermarket in the US.

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