Wednesday, February 28

“Amazon Wants Customers To Pay With A Hand Scan”

“Amazon wants customers to pay with a hand scan.” Web store giant Amazon would test a new payment system for its supermarkets, where customers have to scan their hands.


The new payment system must work at lightning speed, according to sources.

A regular payment with a bank card would take three to four seconds,

 while a hand scan should take less than 300 milliseconds.

The payment system is currently being tested by Amazon employees at the New York office,

 where they deal with it at the candy and drink vending machines.

An Amazon spokesperson refused to confirm the news because the company never responded to rumours.

With a payment, the customer does not have to put his or her hand on a device.

Instead, the hand is scanned remotely to see if the unique shape equals registered users.

Amazon Go stores
Amazon has been experimenting with fast payment systems for a long time.

In special Go stores in the United States, customers are already followed by cameras,

 whereby sensors and scales are used to see what has been placed in the shopping basket.

People can then walk away while the groceries are settled automatically.

At the Go stores, customers must always have their phones in their pocket so that the Amazon app can communicate with the supermarket.

The new hand system would even work without a telephone.

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