Amazon, Too, Is Now Worth 779 Billion Pounds

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Amazon, too, is now Worth 779 Billion pounds on the Stock Market. After Apple, Amazon is the second largest company in the world worth more than 779 billion pounds. According to the reports.


The share in the online retailer rose during the Tuesday trade to a value of 2050.26 dollars.

That was the price must to raise the total share capital above the magical limit of 779 billion pounds.

The advance of Amazon on the stock market seems unstoppable for the time being.

The price of the share has increased in the last ten months.

The company’s market share has been above profit for years,

 but in recent years the benefit of the webshop has also progressed sharply.

In the second quarter of this year, earnings exceeded 1.5 billion pounds for the first time.

The cashless supermarket must become the next dairy cow
Recently, Amazon, which also has cloud services and its personal assistant Alexa, is increasingly focusing on the supermarket sector.

Last year the company obtained over the United States supermarket chain Whole Foods in a home country.

In Seattle, where Amazon has its headquarters, the company is also testing a cashless supermarket.

With sensors and cameras, the store registers what people take with them and automatically calculates this via their Amazon account.

In 1994, Amazon was founded as an online bookstore by Jeff Bezos.

He has been the wealthiest man on earth since July last year.

His 16 percent stake in Amazon is now worth 124 billion pounds.

Apple was the first company to pass the 779 billion pounds on 2 August.

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