Saturday, February 24

Air France-KLM Publishes First Quarter Figures

Aviation group Air France-KLM will publish the figures for the first quarter later on Thursday. This will show to what extent the corona crisis has caused further problems for the company.


Air France-KLM previously secured EUR 10.4 billion in emergency aid through loans and guarantees.

In addition, Air France sold another 3 billion worth of debt to the French state, strengthening Paris’ grip on the company. This was at the expense of take-off and landing rights at Orly airport.

The Netherlands decided not to invest further. This diluted the 14 percent interest that was bought two years ago.

KLM has not yet arranged any extra support because there is no acute need yet. If KLM does arrange extra support, it will probably have to sacrifice valuable take-off and landing times (slots) at Schiphol.

KLM only wants to make this sacrifice if there is really no other option.

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