Saturday, February 24

Air France-KLM is Considering Purchasing Boeing MAX Aircraft

Air France-KLM is considering flying the Boeing MAX aircraft. CEO Ben Smith said in an explanation during an online meeting that the company is considering a series of new aircraft, including the MAX, but also the Airbus A220 and an extended version of the A321.


Smith emphasized that once Boeing’s MAX is approved again, this aircraft could also be a serious option.

Boeing’s 737 MAX has been grounded for more than a year and a half for safety reasons, after two crashes in a short time. After an adjustment, the aircraft is on the eve of a return to the airspace.

Smith said orders have already been placed for 60 so-called narrow-body jets. The company may change these orders.

According to Smith, the company is looking at the further renewal of its fleet. This then applies to KLM and Transavia, among others. The Canadian would further find it “useful” if Airbus came up with a larger version of the A220.

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