Tuesday, February 20

A Record Number of Anti-Semitic Incidents Occurred in the United States Last Year

A record number of anti-Semitic incidents occurred in the United States last year. That made the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization that works against Jew-hatred, in a report.


2107 cases were recorded in 2019, the highest number since the start of the census in 1979.

“It was a year of unprecedented anti-Semitism,” reports ADL. “A time when many Jewish communities across the country were directly exposed to hatred. It contributed to an environment in which fear and apprehension increased.”

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the US increased by 12 percent last year from 2018. The number of physical attacks targeting Jews increased by 56 percent in a year.

Five people died from anti-Semitic violence. Most of the incidents took place in New York, where a large Jewish community lives. Also, cases were registered in all US states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Notable events included a shooting at a California synagogue, a shooting incident at a kosher New Jersey grocery store, and a stabbing at a rabbi’s house in New York.

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