Tuesday, February 20

A 51-Years-Old Shoots at least 16 People in Canada

In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, a man disguised as a police officer shot at least 16 people.


The 51-year-old gunman was shot dead by police in a petrol station after hours of chasing. Authorities say this is the deadliest shooting in Canadian history.

Saturday night, around 11:30 PM, police received calls for shooting in Portapique, a small coastal town in Nova Scotia.

Agents then found several victims in and outside a home. Later calls came in about shots in other places and burning cars and buildings.

People were killed in several places in the north of the province. The reason for the shooting is still unclear.

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, a twelve-hour search for the perpetrator followed, while residents in the spacious area were asked to close their doors and take shelter in their basements.

On Sunday morning, the search resulted in a chase, until the police managed to jam the man. The suspect was killed in a gas station shortly before noon.

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