Thursday, February 22

7 Corona Deaths in Italy, More Infections in South Korea and the Middle East

In Italy, 7 people have already died from the new coronavirus Covid-19, reports the Italian news agency ANSA. More than 200 people are infected.


This makes Italy the most considerable breeding ground for the virus outside of Asia. Eleven municipalities in the north of the country are in quarantine. But the number of infections is also increasing in the Middle East and South Korea.

More than 79,000 diseases have since been diagnosed all over the world, of which about 77,000 in China.

The Italian government is taking strict measures against the coronavirus Covid-19, which broke out in China at the end of last year. Eleven municipalities in northern Italy are currently in quarantine, together with some 50,000 people. And that for two weeks.

The largest outbreak of the virus is outside of Asia. The number of infections has risen from 19 on Friday to more than 200 in a few days.

The past few days, 3 people had already died from the new coronavirus, today another 4 people have been added, including 2 people in their 80s. The total number of deaths in Italy is now 7.

According to Italy correspondent Angelo Van Schaik, the increase in that number of infections is due to the strict health checks: “Anyone with a few flu symptoms goes to the doctor. Many people who are infected are thus discovered faster.”

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