Monday, February 26

40 Million French People Partially or Completely Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

More than 40 million inhabitants of France have now had at least one corona jab, French President Emmanuel Macron reports. Sixty percent of the French population is now partially or fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.


33.2 million people are now fully vaccinated. More than 4 million people have had a shot in the past two weeks. According to Prime Minister Jean Castex, the number of people with at least one corona shot will have risen to 50 million by the end of August.

The French parliament on Monday approved a bill that makes vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory for healthcare workers. The measures in the country have been further tightened. People will need a corona pass from August, which proves complete vaccination or a recent negative test, to enter catering establishments and some shopping centres. This is already needed at museums and cinemas, among other places.

France is currently struggling with a fourth corona wave due to the Delta variant of the virus. At the beginning of July, France still reported about 4,000 new corona infections daily, but last week there were 22,000. As a result, the number of hospital admissions is also increasing.

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