Monday, February 19

373 Road Deaths in Thailand During the Seven Most Dangerous Days

In Thailand, 373 road deaths occurred during what is known as the “seven most dangerous days” of the year.


That is almost 20 percent less than the death toll during the New Year’s holiday last year when 463 people died. The Bangkok Post writes that Friday. It is the lowest number in five years.

From December 27 to January 2, a total of 3421 road accidents with 3499 were injured throughout the country. Fifteen people died in Bangkok.

The leading cause of a large number of accidents during the seven days around New Year is that drivers with alcohol drive on the road or drive too fast.

The majority of the vehicles (85 percent) involved in accidents were motorcycles, said Deputy Interior Minister Niphon Bunyamanee.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), acquiescence with traffic rules is poorly monitored in the Southeast Asian country. Half of the motorcyclists do not wear a helmet and the majority of motorists do not wear a seat belt.

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